Everyone elses costumes had been store-bought; the girls in their fluffy frills and glittered fairy wings, and the boys with the fake muscles of superheros, and the shiny plastic swords and guns of pirates and soldiers.

But no matter how much Bernard begged his single working mother she simply did not have the money to buy him a flashy costume for a 5th grade pageant.

He didn’t want to miss out, but anyone without a costume wasn’t allowed to go to the assembly; the “non-participants” as they were called would have to stay behind in mean old Ms. Gentry’s classroom.

He knew he would be in trouble later, but Bernard took the white sheets from his mother’s bed, and cut two eye holes into them…if he ever hoped to be popular he would have to win the costume contest on his own.

His body locked up as he stood on the stage in front of his assembled classmates, ‘I was wrong, this was a terrible idea’ he thought; his knees were nearly knocking together his legs were shaking so hard, and then it happened….


Bernard couldn’t quite make out what it was at first, and then he heard it again, “Boo”; and again “Booooo”.

‘They like it,’ he thought, ‘and of course why wouldn’t they.  A classic ghost costume, how couldn’t they appreciate it.’.

Bernard’s legs stopped wobbling and he ventured further towards the center of the stage; their chanting growing louder with every step. ‘This is it, I’ve finally become popular, this is wonderful…lets give them something special.’, and he twirled around at center stage and gyrated his hips before confidently marching back off and behind the curtain.

“I can’t believe you actually wore that”, Susan Parker his long time crush said to him as he stepped off stage, “and why in the world did you do that little dance while they were booing at you?”.

‘Oh no,’ Bernard thought as he realized what had just happened, ‘Oh God no…..’.


word count: 332

written for: Trifecta



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