My First Time



The warmth of it was tantalizing as she put him in her mouth, firmer than should would have thought it exploded into her as she closed down upon it, the taste sweet and a bit salty.

What was going on?  Is this a dream?  She was trapped inside her body, it moved without her wanting it too, it did things she never would have done…this was the man she loved, the one she thought was so different from all the rest, the one she thought she could spend the rest of her life with.

This can’t be real she thought; she had lost complete control of her body and was just along for the ride at this point.  Her body forged on relentlessly, writhing on top of him; this is so wrong she thought, I can’t belive I’m doing this, can’t believe I can’t stop….a wave of anticipation built deep inside of her that would crest at any second…no, I don’t want this….she hated that she was having this feeling, hated that she couldn’t stop it, and most of all hated that she didn’t want it to stop, that her will was breaking and that she could feel herself turning to it and wanting to embrace this new sensation.

She bit him on the chest, hard, almost animial like.  She was fighting it less, feeling her trepidation slip away, feeling herself giving in to the primal urges that now coursed threw her body.

It was just moments before that he had sat by her bedside and held her hand, that she had felt herself slipping away into the darkness in the grasps of some sickness the doctors could neither identify or treat; and then her eyes shot back open as the pain seared thru every inch of her body at once.  In an instant she had launched herself from the hospital bed and knocked her lover to the ground; before she even have hoped to know what was happening she had bashed him over the head with the bed pan that had been resting on the counter next to them.  She watched on in horror; looking out of her eyes as if peering thru windows at the violence before her; she watched on helplessly, unable to stop or to look away,  as she bashed him repeatedly in the head reducing him to a twitching heap that lay beneath her; the pain that filled her felt like a fire that was burning her from the inside out.

She paused ever so briefly when she first saw it; his skull had been broken open by her attack and his brain had been exposed.  She saw her hands reach out for it, it felt warm and wet as she first touched it; she was so fixated on it as she began to pull it forth from him that she didn’t even notice the single tear that ran down the side of his face.  She held it before her for a second before it bringing it to her watering mouth, it was like biting into a sausage she thought as it exploded in her mouth, its tasted sweet but salty.

As soon as she had taken the first bite she felt the pain that was engulfing her before start to subside, and as she continued to devour him the pain was replaced with a feeling of ecstasy that washed over her entire body like a wave and rushed forward as if was building to something more…and now more was all she wanted.

It was the noise from outside her room that got her attention; someone laughing in the hallway unaware of what had just happened inside, she lifted her body from on top of him and moved toward the door the single word ‘more’ reverberating thru-out her entire being; she would find what she needed on the other side of the door, out there she would find more.


written for: Daily Prompt: First!



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