“Always remember him.” her father told her as he firmly pressed the tags into her hands.  “Always remember him, and he will always be with you.”

She clutched the small metal tags tightly to her chest, and solemnly watched.  The sky was grey, and a cold wind blew, a light drizzle of rain fell as she stood there trying to be strong.  The tears that had been welling in her eyes began to run down her cheeks as they lowered his body into the ground next to that old oak tree.

Her mother was there at her side, and she slid an arm around her daughter; kissed her on her forehead, and gently cooed, “Everything gets better with time.”

She could not understand the meaning of the words her mother spoke at the time that morning, but as the years had passed so had the pain.  Now when she thought of him she only thought of the good times.  The way he would run to meet her as she came thru the door, the way his warm body laid next to her as they slept in the night, and even the wet, sloppy way that he liked to kiss her.

The sobs broke forth as the first shovel full of dirt was tossed down into the hole.  She felt like it was all her fault. She loved him, and she should have stopped him, but she couldn’t find a way.

Every year now she makes a trip back to remember him, and to stand beneath that tree.  She wears his tags now around her neck, and she thinks of him doing what he loved the most….chasing that little rubber ball wherever she threw it; even accidentally into traffic that one time.  He was her first dog, and she would always miss him.


written for: Trifecta – Remember



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