Another Friday Night


This week’s challenge:  “November 15 is National Erotica Day.  Trifecta is not an erotica-specific type of place, but we never shy away from a chance to stretch our creative limbs, and we hope you’ll join us as we dive in to celebrate this quirky day. We are asking for an open write this week–33 to 333 words of erotic writing.  No specific words need to be used, and we aren’t necessarily banning any either.”

Now; I considered skipping this week because I’m definitely not an erotica writer, but the whole point in my taking part in these challenges is to help me grow and expand in my writing so I decided to take a crack at it.  I tried to keep it as tasteful as possible, and I hope you enjoy.


Madison stood before the large mirror in the bathroom and looked herself over as she removed her earrings, and the small golden cross she always wore around her neck.  She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall down her back before she unzipped her skirt and let it slip down to the floor.  She tossed the clothes into the basket sitting in the corner.

The small bathroom filled with steam as the water pulsating from the shower began to turn hotter.  Madison could feel the stress from the day begin to melt away as she slid the glass door shut behind her, turning in place she allowed the warm water to touch every inch of her body. Pulling the shower head free from its cradle she stretched her arms straight up above, letting the water cascade down until her wet blonde hair clung to her face and neck.  Then clutching the shower head tightly with both hands she brought it down to her chest; trying to warm the lonely place she felt deep inside.  Until one hand finally broke free of its grip, sliding down between her firm wet breasts, gliding over her flat stomach, until eventually finding herself down below.  She closed her eyes and paused for the briefest of moments; her smooth, toned legs closed tightly together, before finally giving in to what she knew would come next.  In a few short minutes the pulsating water would join her hand, and her body would carry on even after her mind had lost all control.  It would end when she was curled in a ball, the shower head discarded and kicked away from her body, she would lay in the tub until the waves stopped pulsing thru her, until she could bring herself to stand once again; now on wobbling knees.

Another Friday night alone ended the same way.  Madison had never known the intimate touch of a man; yet she wondered if it was right to still call herself a virgin.


written for: Trifextra



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