The Lost Maiden


He looked on the ground
He looked all around
But try as he did, she could not be found

He looked for her high
He looked for her low
He looked and he looked, but where did she go

They were meant to be, it was like they were made for each other
It had to be her, he would not settle for another

Cut from the same piece, he remembered her fit
Any closer to him, no other could get

All day and all night the search carried on
Thru the wee hours until broke the next dawn
Refusing to believe his perfect other had gone

It was late the next day before the truth settled in
His true love was gone, he’d never see her again
Like a game of hide-n-seek that he just couldn’t win

Afraid of the future he thought of the past
Their short time together had gone by so fast

He sat in the corner solemn, and alone
He should have kept her safe, and never let her leave home

But they were separated that day to his devastated surprise
She was taken from him to become his great prize
After his meaning he learned, and his courage did rise

They came in one pack, such a neat little toy
Given by a mother, to her sweet loving boy

A big shiny knight, and a fair-haired maiden
Adventures they would have, full of danger they’ld be laden

But it was she who now the ultimate price would pay
As her mother called him in early from the back yard that day
The knight he brought with him, the girl he let stay

When the morning sun finally cleared the last of the fog
The girl had gone missing, victim to a neighborhood dog


written for: Trifecta #104 – Companion



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