Getting Back Up



He put her helment on, and double tied both her shoes
She was determined this time, to gravity she’d not lose

He strapped on the pads, to her elbows and knees
“Don’t let go this time Daddy.”, her tone softly pleads

He promises that he won’t, and that he’ll stay by her side
As she nervously sets out, for her second bike ride

He had removed the wheels, that used to hold her up in the back
She wobbles at first, the fear inside ready to attack

He tells her he’s so proud, of his big little girl
She grips the handles tightly, as her feet start to twirl

He jogs there beside her, for nearly a mile
“I’m doing it Daddy.”, she announces thru a smile

A pillow now tied to her back, and her father helping as well
It was the only way to coax her back up, after the last time that she fell


written for: Daily Prompt – Safety First
photo by: Kate McCarthy

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