If someone told you, you could choose your own superpower
Would it take you a week, a day, or an hour
Do you know right away, which power you’d take
Can you begin to imagine, what kind of difference you’d make

Would you use your powers, to be supper good
And help all those around, in any way that you could
Would you be supper fast, or choose super strong
As you went thru the world, trying to right every wrong

Or from a place there inside, you’ve kept hidden that’s mad
Would you use your new supper powers, to do things that are quite bad
To threaten others, to do your evil will
And to manipulate them, would be more evil still

Or would you simply use your new powers, to change your own life
To deal with your torment, your angst, and your strife
And to bury the pain, you keep trapped deep down inside
To feel like from the world, you’d no longer need to hide

Would you choose to fly, way up high in the sky
To be unkillable, and never worry you might die
Would you choose the ability, to make animals answer your call
Or would you try to cheat, and get a bit of them all

I would choose the ability, to change my own form
To get out of this place, and break away from the norm
For all of those days, I just don’t want to be
The person in the mirror, staring back at me


written for: They Daily Prompt – What super power would you choose?
photo: Reflection in Mirror by mjakmysia


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