They sat there wiggling in their seats, most of the morning
To be outside and playing, they were all secretly yearning
The sun finally out, after many dreary a day
Only their morning lessons, now stood in the way
And when that noon bell, finally did ring
The freedom of recess, along it did bring
They ran in their circles, chasing each other around
After three days of rain, they had missed the playground
Fresh air and warm sun, it was almost too much to take
Boys playing freeze-tag, and girls patty-cake

The teachers huddled together, it was their break time too
Some scrolling thru phones, looking for something to do
One stood alone, she wanted no one to see
The things she was checking on, quite secretly
It wasn’t her first time, and not likely her last
Young love and romance, seemed to flare up so fast
As she saw his new message, she felt the heat deep inside swell
Young Ms. Lisa who taught kindergarten, knew this feeling too well
When she read what he wrote, she felt herself swoon
An invitation to meet by the swing set, for playtime under the moon


written for: The Daily Prompt – Playtime
photo by: B.S. Photo


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