New Toy Design



Oh this is no good, it will never be right
And I’ve already worked on it half the night

But you’ve come so far, now is no time to give in
You have to have confidence, if you ever hope to win

I do have confidence, just not in myself
Of all of Santa’s little helpers, I’m his worst little elf

You know we don’t get ranked, so you couldn’t possibly know that
Besides, you sure look the part in your curly shoes and pointy hat

Oh but we do get ranked, in the annual New Christmas Toy Design
And each year in last place, you’re sure to find mine

Just then entered Santa, to have a quick look around
All the other elves spirits went up, but mine just went down

He walked thru the shop, saying ‘wow’ and ‘oh my’
Not bothering to stop, until my toy caught his eye

This is quite peculiar he said, what is this neat little rig
Thank you, I call it my Floaty-rolly-flying-thing-a-majig

Well I can’t wait ’til morning, to see what it can do
That put the point back in my hat, and the curl back into my shoe

If Santa liked my toy, I might still have a chance
And as soon as he left, I did a happy elf dance

But then right back to work, I did have to go
It still needed ray guns, lightning stickers, and a pretty pink bow


written for: The Daily Prompt – Confident


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