They pluck their premiers from all walks of life, as representatives in a test that only one can pass.  Some are from great and long lines of royalty, some born from the soulless warlords of yore, and then there is young Alena, who comes from the most modest of roots.  They are taken in a flash, quicker than the blink of an eye; each one for a very particular reason. Chosen by the gods that sit atop Olympus, snatched away without any forewarning, and then thrust all together into the most foreign of lands.

Atropos , a name that most believe lives only in story,  is much more than just some mystical place; it is the land that stretches out from the base of Mount Kismet, until it disappears into the Thespian Sea; at the top of the mount sits the Alter of Oriel, whose bubbling spring promises a place amongst the stars.  Atropos, however, is not so easily reached; for simply setting foot upon its white sandy shores is enough to earn any mortal certain death.  The only ones that can venture there and not be set on by the furies, are those who have been brought by the gods.  Once every one hundred years; twelve champions are selected to climb to the summit, and bring honor to their immortal benefactors, but soon they will find that more than just rock stands in their way.  Ever lasting life is the prize that awaits the one who wins, but it comes at the cost of eleven other souls.   In a land crafted by the gods to house their great treasures, more danger awaits than the greed of mankind; for the pets of the gods come in all different forms, and have a hunger for the suffering of men that cannot be quenched.


written for: Trifecta – pluck
photo by: Oleg Menkov







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