Close Call



Let me tell you about, a day full of dread
The first shot nearly, got me in the head
It missed me though, and took out Eric instead

They kept firing at us, they just wouldn’t stop
And with each hit, came the most eerie pop
Down to the ground, Gerald’s body did flop

There was another shot, that ricocheted by my feet
I thought my destiny sealed, and my fate I would meet
This team we ran into, was really quite elite

I was able to take them out though, I went one by one
This was a battle, and war is not meant to be fun
That single-handedly I achieved victory, everyone it did stun

Skill, luck, and prayer, it did take them all
To survive what became, my very closest call
That came during that game, of super dodge ball


written for: The Daily Prompt – Close Call


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