You must have the courage to do that, which you think cannot be done
That is how I was told, this day would be finally won
But what was their that I could do, one scared and shaking child
They sent me now into that room, my thoughts were all so riled

Surrounded there in that place by so many new, and vaguely familiar faces
I would have hidden if I could, but there were no hiding places
They all had their questions for me, and for what I was going thru
Why did they all want to gang up on me, I was only in grade two

I finally made it there, to the other side of the room
And when I turned to see them all staring at me, I was filled with instant doom
Some of them told me I was their favorite, others how they missed me so
Who were these people that would not let me be, there faces I didn’t know

I huddled there next to my mother, trying to hide behind her skirt
She told me the kitchen was no place to play, and that I might get hurt
My new daddy came and gathered me, he said there were more people to meet
How was I to know they were family, and not strangers from the street

I was braver now as we went around, me clinging to his side
Until he wanted me to talk to them , I just hid my face and shied
For months afterwards when talking to them, they would have to answer questions about me
But this is what happens to a shy little girl, when her mother marries into a large family


written for: The Daily Post – Challenge
picture by: Pamela Chamlis


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