Of course he got his first again,
It always seems to go that way
But just wait until I get mine too,
The day after today

I’m paying a slightly higher cost,
It’s rush delivery
But when you’re trying to prove a point,
Sometimes that’s the way it has to be

He thinks he is quite something else,
With all his fancy stuff
Always such a brash show-off,
I say enoughs enough

When he showed up on that motorcycle,
With all it’s chrome and flair
I countered with a brand new scooter,
That can zip me here and their

And when he got that new sports car,
People said it was a phase
I say he did it to show me up,
I only had my new Kia for three days

But putting in that brand new pool,
I thought was over the top
And then the big party he threw there,
It’s time to make this stop

I used to be the king of this street,
The favorite of the neighborhood
Until Landry Jones came around,
Some washed up actor from Hollywood

But this time I will get back on top,
Even if it costs me everything
It took me six months salary,
But money can buy you anything

I’ll invite him over very first,
And offer him a beer
Then sit back and enjoy the look on his face
It will fill me with great cheer

He says he met his brand new wife,
While shooting his last premiere
But I’m sure he got his the same way as mine,
Just wait until my mail order bride gets here


written for: The Daily Prompt
photo by:  Johansen Laurel


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