The Fall


When I heard that Noah would be there,
It changed things right away.
Oy vey, how I now longed for,
That eighth and final day.
This year it would be no schlep,
As I attended our annual gathering.
In fact I would get there early,
And a nice dress, I would be sure to bring.
But the one big glitch in my plan,
Was that Levi would also be there.
He was always acting such the schmuck,
With his slicked back firey-red hair.
Seeing him was what I dreaded the most,
About this yearly trip back home.
And knowing he would not stop following me,
After I heard that first nasally shalom.

As I schmoozed around the party that night,
One boy to avoid, and one to meet.
I was not at all used to walking,
In the high heels upon my feet.
I was busy watching Noah there,
Looking so handsome and standing tall.
I didn’t happen to see the children,
Playing dreidel by the wall.
I’ve always been quite the shilmazel,
And such an awful klutz.
I grabbed onto my dear Aunt Rachel,
And we both fell  down to our butts.
As we climbed back to our feet,
I prayed that no one saw.
But again I had fell victim,
to the inevitability of Murphy’s Law.

I froze in place as it happened,
Locked inside of my own terrified mind.
My sweet old Bubbe standing there,
Whacking my behind.
“Don’t worry dear I’ve almost got it,
Just a little schmutz upon your tush.”
I could have thrown myself from the tallest building then,
without needing a push.
And as I looked across the room,
To see Noah watching awkwardly.
My annual curse returned again,
As I heard that high-pitched “Shalom” behind me.
written for: Trifecta – Tush


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