If you didn’t know better,
You’d think I wasn’t here.
I’ve always been able to disappear.
I shut my mouth,
And close my eyes.
It’s like I dematerialize.
Into nothing,
I just fade away.
Sometimes I’ll stay like this all day.
Weather it’s for an hour,
Or an afternoon.
I always seem to come back too soon.
It’s in your eyes,
Everytime you look at me.
Remorse, regret, and apology.
Not for me,
Just to yourself.
And the future you placed upon a shelf.

Would I ever be,
What you hoped for.
Would you do it the same,
As you did before.
If you were laying again,
In that hospital bed.
Would you still wish my born,
Or want me dead.
You had a life,
Before a child.
One that was,
Free, careless, and wild.
you’ve had to sacrifice.
Is because you choose,
To give me life.

Even when invisible, I am still there,
For any to see, although none care.
So once again, I’ll fade away.
And try not ruin for you, another day.
written for: The Daily Prompt – Invisible


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