Leave it to me,
and the skill that I posses.
I’ve already spilt my drink,
and stained my dress.

Ruining things,
is my great skill.
Every opportunity I’m given,
I find a way to kill.

And so our love,
I’ve nearly screwed up too.
Trust me, it was I,
And never you.

When you came in,
reeking of beer.
I should have been quiet,
And not nagged you, my dear.

Like that day I forgot,
To pack your lunch.
I earned your loving,
And reminding punch.

It’s not your fault,
I bruise so easily.
It’s mine again,
And always will be.

I remember how you said,
No one else would want me.
As I try harder again,
To make you happy.

I won’t give up,
As long as you’re still here.
I’ll keep doing better,
Until I persevere.

You can thank my mother,
For teaching me all I’ve learned.
I spent my childhood watching her beaten,
And with cigarettes burned.

Until she was trained,
To be a good wife.
If I can endure like she did,
We could have the same life.

With you as my master,
And I as your slave.
Another soul ruined,
From cradle to grave.
written for: The Daily Prompt – Perseverance


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