5 Items

We left on what was only supposed to be,
A  short three-hour tour.
A quick trip around the islands,
To experience their tropical allure.

The tiny ship, it got tossed about,
As the noon sky turned as black as night.
The waves tossed us here and there,
And of shore we soon lost sight.

No phones, no lights, no motor cars,
Not a single luxury.
Now washed up on this beach alone,
Only five items with me.

I have the clothes upon my back,
And a cell that doesn’t work.
I shouldn’t have let my professor talk me into this,
Now I miss the know-it-all jerk.

I found the straw hat of that Dixie girl,
Washed up upon the shore.
And the fake jewelery of that loud red-head,
Her last movie was a bore.

I wondered about the rich old couple,
And if I’d ever see them again.
They had more money than God himself,
A bigger ship’s where they should have been.

Some of their cash washed up on the beach,
I collected it to return.
Or if I can make a fire,
For warmth I’ll let it burn.

What happened to the other five passengers,
And the two men that made up the mighty crew.
Did they all go down with the ship,
Or were they stranded on this island too?

I’ll search for them, I might as well,
For not a moment will I stall.
Oh wait, is that a hotel there,
Maybe this island’s not deserted after all.
written for: The Daily Prompt – 5 Things


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