The heat from the sun upon my neck,
The coolness of rain as it falls,
Wind blowing through the trees,
I have felt them all.

The roughness of the asphalt road,
As I tumbled from my bike,
Is one texture of the world,
I never learned to like.

The blades of grass poking up at me,
As I lay staring at the sky,
The crispness of freshly cleaned sheets,
At night as in my bed I lie.

And when you meet your one true love,
And share your first true kiss,
You’ll have another feeling,
To add to your list.

But the only feeling for me,
that ever made the whole world numb,
Was when you wrapped your tiny fingers,
Around the tip of my thumb.

And in that very instant,
When we shared our very first touch,
You opened my eyes to a new world,
I never knew I could love this much.
written for: The Daily Prompt – Texture/Touch
photo by: IandIphoto


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