Captive’s Choice

We kidnapped you,
‘Cause it’s what we do.
To force your honey,
To pass us money.

But he didn’t care,
When you weren’t there.
And laughed about the call,
Of your capture, doll.

Now you’re of no use,
So you get to choose.
Where would you like to be,
For eternity.

Deep in some lonely forest,
Where you’ll go un-nourished.
Or locked in some strange building,
Oh, who am I kidding.

Just like the rest,
You’ll choose the island.
Do you think you’ll pass your days,
Thinking of your lousy old man.

We even asked to get paid,
From your younger sister.
But apparently once you were gone,
She took up with your old mister.

It appears your life,
Wasn’t what you thought.
And now for nothing,
Your truth has been bought.
written for – The Daily Post – Captive’s Choice
photo by: photoAlterations


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