A Conversation in My Head

(A young girl in her early twenties walks into an open space from seemingly out of no where.)
Man Already in the Room: Who are you? (He checks the girl out as he asks the question.)
Girl: Hi, I’m Avery.  Who are you, you look familiar.
Man Already in the Room: Hugh Laurie.
Avery:  Aren’t you that guy that plays House on TV?
Hugh: Not exactly, I’m what the girl who writes about us pictured him to be for a story. Same crass attitude, but not a doctor.
Avery:  I thought you were British, what happened to your accent?
Hugh:  She doesn’t do accents very well.
Avery:  Which story did you come from?
Hugh:  The pirate story.  I was the captain, and I went down with the ship.  No one actually saw me die though, so there’s a good chance I’ll make a comeback. What about you, what story were you in?
Avery:  I was taking care of my sick grandmother, when she died she left everything to me.
Hugh:  So you scored big?
Avery:  (Looking somewhat put off by his comment.) No, all she had was this old house where she used to rent out rooms to travelers that were passing through.  A couple of weeks after she passed this guy broke in and tied me up, starting pull up the floor boards look for some treasure his grandfather had hidden there.
Hugh:  He rough you up a little bit? (Trying to find something to keep his interest in the conversation?)
Avery:   He hit me a few times, drug me up the stairs by my hair.  I shot him dead at the end, and my boyfriend and me ran off with the loot.
Hugh:  (After hearing this last bit he perks up a little.)  Sounds like you know how to party.  But if he was dead, why not just stay?
Avery:  He said he had friends and that they were coming too.
Hugh:  So she left your story open too.
Avery: Seems that way.  What do we do now?
Hugh: Wait, she’ll either write more about you, or not and you’ll start to fade away.
Avery:  How long have you been here?
Hugh:  Longer than you. (He says in a snarky way before looking around the room.)  But not as long as that fairy witch and her magic bowl of water.
written for: The Daily Post – Dialouge
photo by: Matmoon


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