Not Again

Forgetting to breathe is usually first,
And shortness of breath just makes it worst.
My face getting red all on its own,
Me feeling exposed all the way to the bone.

Wishing that I had just stayed in bed that day,
My words not helping to make it go away.
Once again I’ve outdone myself,
Another bright idea that should have been left on the shelf.

My hands start to sweat as my heart races too,
Why did I have to make such a silly mistake in front of you.
I try to walk away on trembling knees,
God, if you’re watching, help me please.

But there is no help, there’s only me,
I wonder if anyone again will take me seriously.
Wait, what was that, can it be true,
Did you just spill your coffee all over you too?
written for: The Daily Post – Embarrassed


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