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If they could prove karma was real,
How interesting it would be.
To see how good people would act,
Just you wait and see.

Children would always eat all their vegetables,
And put all their toys away.
They would know that if they did not,
It would come back on them one day.

Teens would pull their pants up straight,
And turn that music down.
If they knew fate was around the corner,
Ready to make them frown.

Adults would act much kinder too,
And not always look for ways to cheat.
If they knew time had in store for them,
A cosmically revengeful treat.

But what would be their motivation,
Would they do it for the right reason.
Or would they do it out of selfish gain,
Committing good deed treason.
written for: The Daily Post – Karma
phtot by: Samantha3089