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Our Song

It starts every morning,
When I look into your eyes.
Your strong arms, your soft smile,
Your love without disguise.

It calls out to me all day long,
Even when you’re far away.
As the world tries to tear us apart,
It’s why I know you’ll stay.

It’s chorus is our moans of love,
At night in twisted sheets.
Pounded out and raced along,
By the sound of amorous heart beats.

And as each day fades away,
I know I’m where I belong.
I hear our love like music and know,
You’re my favorite song.
written for: Goodreads – Week 201: Your Favorite Song
photo by: love



If they could prove karma was real,
How interesting it would be.
To see how good people would act,
Just you wait and see.

Children would always eat all their vegetables,
And put all their toys away.
They would know that if they did not,
It would come back on them one day.

Teens would pull their pants up straight,
And turn that music down.
If they knew fate was around the corner,
Ready to make them frown.

Adults would act much kinder too,
And not always look for ways to cheat.
If they knew time had in store for them,
A cosmically revengeful treat.

But what would be their motivation,
Would they do it for the right reason.
Or would they do it out of selfish gain,
Committing good deed treason.
written for: The Daily Post – Karma
phtot by: Samantha3089

Second Chance

If I could do it all again,
I know just where I’d begin.

I would have avoided the boss,
When the day got late.
And not be stuck at work,
Missing my date.

Or I would have skipped lunch,
Oh I made such a mess,
When I spilled spaghetti,
Down the front of my dress.

I would have avoided that hole,
I didn’t see.
That broke my heel,
As I stepped out of the taxi.

On second thought,
I change something else instead.
I think I would have,
Just stayed in bed.
written for: The Daily Prompt – Do Over

Go Ahead

There once was a quite wealthy gent,
Who outside of his marriage he went,
His wife, not as mad as you’d think,
About his extramarital stink,
For all his money she’d already spent.
written for: Trifecta Week 102
photo by: Hiuki-chan

Not Again

Forgetting to breathe is usually first,
And shortness of breath just makes it worst.
My face getting red all on its own,
Me feeling exposed all the way to the bone.

Wishing that I had just stayed in bed that day,
My words not helping to make it go away.
Once again I’ve outdone myself,
Another bright idea that should have been left on the shelf.

My hands start to sweat as my heart races too,
Why did I have to make such a silly mistake in front of you.
I try to walk away on trembling knees,
God, if you’re watching, help me please.

But there is no help, there’s only me,
I wonder if anyone again will take me seriously.
Wait, what was that, can it be true,
Did you just spill your coffee all over you too?
written for: The Daily Post – Embarrassed

Going Down To Ghost Town

Welcome to Ghost Town,
It’s much like your own.
Except, everyone here is all soul,
With no flesh and bone.

I made a deal to come here,
To find my true love.
And take her back with me,
To the land of living above.

There is only one,
That could have made that deal with you.
Did he give you any idea,
Of the thing you must do?

Death made it quite clear,
There is someone I must attack.
I have to kill the demon Azul,
If I want my dead wife back.

Please pardon my laughter,
I don’t mean to be rude.
But the demon Azul,
Is one nasty dude.

You know, for a ghost,
You talk kind of strange.
But I’m willing to pay for help,
What can we exchange?

That’s because in life,
I was a surfer from Malibu.
And if you want my help,
You’ll have to free me too.

I don’t know if that’s a good idea,
Death was very specific.
Don’t trust anyone,
Who has great love for the Pacific.

That’s because Death tried surfing once,
To impress some golden state girl.
But got so sea-sick on his board,
He covered a poor sea-gull in hurl.

When you put it like that,
Then I’ll accept your assistance.
But we must be going now,
I fear we must travel a great distance.

No, it’s not that far,
His house is just around the corner.
But the only thing that will kill Azul,
Is a Whiffle-McBurner.

I have to admit,
I don’t know what that is.
I was hoping we could just stab him,
Or poison his Cheeze Whiz.

A Whiffle-McBurner,
Is a magical staff.
And the only one in this town,
I just so happen to have.

Then let us get going,
There’s no reason to wait.
Plus, I do not want to end up stuck,
On this side of the gate.

You take the staff,
And stand to the side as I ring the doorbell.
When he steps outside,
Use it to kill the demon, and send him straight back to Hell.

Azul is now dead,
My true love is saved.
Having her back amongst the living,
Is what I have craved.

Now you must honor,
Our bit of the deal.
I can’t wait to ride again,
On waves that are real.

Why is it though,
I can only see you in reflection.
And my head now feels,
As though I have an infection.

That’s because my body is gone,
Buried and rotten.
So we’re sharing yours now,
Which we both barely got in.

But I don’t want to go surfing,
I want to spend time with my wife.
I promised to bring you back,
Not to share my life.

Don’t worry about her,
I like her too.
And when we get home tonight,
Spending time with her will be the first thing we do.
written for: Goodreads – Weekly Poetry Stuffage: Week 199.  This week’s topic is Ghost Town.
photo by: Ice-Dark


ruebchen in the miror
You’re there when I wake up everyday,
Always there but never in the way.
Your voice is always in my ear,
Telling me to keep going and never fear.
You tell me jokes that make me smile,
And you’re there as I walk every lonely mile.
You’re there each night as I lay down in bed.
My forever friends that live in my head.
written for: The Daily Post
photo by: hoschie