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Go Ahead

There once was a quite wealthy gent,
Who outside of his marriage he went,
His wife, not as mad as you’d think,
About his extramarital stink,
For all his money she’d already spent.
written for: Trifecta Week 102
photo by: Hiuki-chan



photo by: Thomas Leuthard

That could be me.  Working so hard, studious, intelligent, driven.  I could be the center of attention at dinner parties; talking knowingly about all the topics of the day.

Is that my reflection?

written for: Trifextra – Week 101 – write 33 words about the picture above.



The first time I saw you, when our eyes first met across that fateful room, I knew you would be the best and the worst thing that would ever come into my life.
written for: Trifextra – Week 100 – Start with “The first time I saw” and write the next 33 words.
photo by: Violetda


Three Words

Bring It On.
written for: Trifextra – Week 99.  Michael Hess inspired us with his three word New Year’s resolution – just be nice.  We’re asking for your own resolutions in just three words.  Make it count; we’ll be checking back in come 2015.

I plan on making my 2014 my best year yet.  I’m setting all my goals high, and going after everything with a vengance.

photo by: Jasminaa

Chimney Hole


There once was a fella named Nick,
Getting into people’s homes was his trick,
He’d come down from the north pole,
Enter through the chimney hole,
And eat cookies until he got sick.
written for: Trifextra Week 98 – We are giving you exactly 33 words to make us laugh out loud and spread some
festive cheer.
photo by: Ploopie


Too Far

They thought he would melt,
With the pain that he felt,
From the torture they designed,
To cripple his mind.

They broke all his fingers,
And ripped out his hair,
But still stoically,
He remained sitting there.

They hammered his toes,
Then pinched at his nose,
They cut at his skin,
But could not break his grin.

When they hit his kneecaps,
And they made a loud pop,
They thought for sure,
He would beg them to stop.

Still he uttered no word,
As they got more perturbed,
And turned to worse deeds,
Like electrical leads.

They wired him up,
And gave him a shock,
Then a couple times hit him,
With a lock in a sock.

And for all this,
He only blew them a kiss,
Then waited for more,
That was coming for sure.

So they brought a barrel of water,
And held his head under,
Until their evil torture,
Turned quickly to murder.
written for: Trifecta
photo by: eWKn

Myopic Dazzle Basin

The Myopic Dazzle Basin is kept locked away in the deepest, and darkest corner of the dungeon; along with the fey witch they captured, the only one able see clearly what it shows.
written for: Trifextra – write exactly 33 words including Myopic, Dazzle, and Basin
photo by: lostknightkg